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Willmar Christian Hockey League

2014 FCA Hockey - WCHL Cup Champions ----------Storm

Congratulations to Captain Nate Gazelka and the entire Storm team on being winning the 2014 FCA Hockey WCHL Cup Championship!

Willmar Christian Hockey League Information

The WCHL - Willmar Christian Hockey League is a non-check, adult hockey league based in West Central MN (Willmar, MN) formed in 2010. Games are played on Sunday evenings starting in late October through the end of February at the Willmar Civic Center.  Games are 1 hour long with the featured "Family" game starting at 5:15pm on the Civic Center sheet.  Game 2 starts at 7:15 with Game 3 following at 8:30 pm.  Come out and see a game if you are interested in playing.  Games start with a devotional in the locker room, then onto the ice for a game, closing with a prayer at center ice.

Players in the WCHL will have first chance to signup to play in the Christian Cup, a year end national Christian adult hockey tournament presented by FCA Hockey.  More information can be found on the Christian Cup on the FCA Adult Hockey website.

Teams are formed from individual signups at the beginning of the season.  An annual draft is held that creates new teams each year.  Teams do not stay together due to the annual draft, therefore players may be on a different team every year.  Drafting is done to create parity, and expand realtionships among players throughout the league each year.    Players skill levels vary from individuals playing hockey for their first time to more experienced leveled players.  Both men and women are encouraged to participate.  Those who play in the WCHL are out for a fun, relaxing game of hockey and a great time of fellowship.


Mission Statement
As the WCHL our mission is to provide a Christian atmosphere for all individuals to participate in adult hockey, fellowship with others, and the opportunity to grow their faith in Jesus Christ.
Core Values
1.     DISCIPLESHIP – The opportunity to teach and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2.     FELLOWSHIP – Providing a wholesome environment for men, women, and families to gather and participate in the game of hockey.
3.     RESPECT AND CARE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS – We recognize and understand that each participant has a career and needs to provide for their families. Their livelihood is dependent upon them finishing each game safe and injury free.
4.     GROW THE GAME OF HOCKEY – Participants of the league will be ambassadors of the game of hockey, welcoming players of all experience and skill levels to participate in a non-check adult hockey league that strives for parity and encourages equal playing time. 
5.     ACCOUNTABILITY –The league expects each player to be responsible, and hold each other accountable for his/her conduct thus protecting the integrity of the league. 


To get involved in the league contact us through the email at the bottom of the page.  You will be placed on an email list that will notify you of upcoming signup times.

We look forward to you joining the Willmar Christian Hockey League!


Don Asche

WCHL Commissioner